Sulley Popcorn Buckets and Mike Wazowski Sipper Cups Are Now Available at the Disneyland Resort

Sulley Popcorn Bucket

The Sulley Popcorn Bucket and Mike Wazowski Sipper Cup have made their way to the Disneyland Resort for Pixar Fest!

When they popped up in Hong Kong last month we were all crossing our fingers that they’d make their way to the West Coast to celebrate all of the awesome Pixar things happening there this year.  And now they have!

You can get the Sulley Popcorn Bucket at any of the popcorn stands for $20.  There is a limit of one per guest per transaction.

The Mike Wazowski Sipper Cup can be found at Award Wieners and at some of the Fruit Stands.

Our fearless leader, Chip, is in Disneyland now for PixarFest and he said the lines at the popcorn stands are insane, so be prepared for a bit of wait.  It’ll be worth it to bring home one of those awesome buckets though!

Will you be grabbing one of those amazing popcorn buckets?  Or maybe a sipper cup?  I know both would find an excellent home at my house!  What about you?!

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