Stunning Tower Of Terror LEGO Build By Victor Leparc

We love creative and unique Disney LEGO build ideas! So we are absolutely loving the stunning Stunning Tower Of Terror LEGO Build by Victor Leparc! Victor posted this incredibly impressive build to the Facebook group LEGO MOC Worldwide!

Stunning Tower Of Terror LEGO Build

This is his version of a Tower of Terror LEGO design, and it is not only gorgeous but incredibly detailed too. It is not simply just the tower, but the entire grounds surrounding and leading up to the tower as well. Just look at all of the tiny little palm trees clustered around the path!

With a little bit of lighting and special effects, it looks like a replica of the real thing!

This is definitely one of the most impressive LEGO builds we have seen in a long time, and I really hope he submits it to LEGO Ideas! I mean honestly, how amazing would it be for this to become an actual licensed set?

What do you think of this brilliant Tower Of Terror LEGO Build?

Keep up the amazing work Victor, you’re a LEGO master!

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