Strategic Parade Viewing Spots in the Magic Kingdom

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Main Street Electrical Parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, Wishes, Move It!  Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party, and Dream Along With Mickey are some of the best ways to work Disney magic into your vacation.  All of these entertainment options happen at the Magic Kingdom, starting along Main Street USA.  It’s good to get a seat for these well in advance to ensure you have a good viewing spot.  But in my opinion, you should be strategic in what spot you want.

While Main Street USA can afford a great magical view with some added ambiance of the Cinderella’s Castle, I want to share with you things to keep in mind and my favorite areas in the Magic Kingdom to view the Main Street Electrical Parade, Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, and Wishes.

1.  Liberty Square – Right across from the flagpole in Liberty Square, there is a small food stand with fresh fruits, etc.  It is near the entrance of the Liberty Square Riverboat.  This is an excellent spot to catch the MSEP or Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.  Why?  Because after you catch the parades, you are able to head over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain and ride these with little to no wait.  If you time it right, you might even catch Wishes while on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  From personal experience, this is super cool!

2. Fantasyland – Right in front of Mickey’s Philharmagic, they begin to rope off the walkway that leads through Cinderella’s Castle to Main Street USA.  This is between Mickey’s Philharmagic and Cinderella’s Carousel.  Since you are “stuck” in Fantasyland, this makes it a great place to watch Wishes.  Also, since many people are in their parade viewing spots on Main Street, and continuing along the parade route, the crowds in Fantasyland are fairly low during parades and Wishes.

3.  Tomorrowland Terrace – Grab a cinnamon roll from the Main Street Bakery to go.  If you exit the bakery to the right, you’ll come to a path that leads right to the Tomorrowland Terrace.  In this small area, there are some tables.  These are an excellent spot to watch the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party.  As you look toward the castle, the floats from the street party circle up around the Walt/Mickey statue.  You can have a good view of the street party from the tables while you enjoy a late breakfast.

4. Close to rides – Keep in mind that when you choose a spot to view a parade or Wishes, you are “locked” there until it’s over.  Hence, choose a spot close to your favorite attraction, or some of the more crowded attractions. Fantasyland and Tomorrowland experience VERY low crowds during parades and Wishes.  These are great areas of Magic Kingdom to visit and catch a glimpse of the Wishes fireworks.

Where does your family enjoy the parades or fireworks shows at Magic Kingdom?  Do you have a favorite spot you’d like to tell us about?

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