Story Time with Anthony Daniels, the Voice of Star Wars’ C3PO

Anthony Daniels C3PO

The Skywalker saga may have wrapped up last year with the emergence of ”The Rise of Skywalker,” but fans needn’t starve themselves of Star Wars entertainment! In fact, we were recently gifted with a special performance from one of the actors that has immortalized these characters and stories for generations. C3PO himself, also known as Anthony Daniels, utilized his time at home to delight fans with a short story reading.

Fun fact: Anthony Daniels wasn’t originally supposed to voice the character of C3PO, he was cast only to wear the costume and be the physical interpretation of the droid; George Lucas was going to cast someone else to voice the character at a later time. However, after filming for ”A New Hope” was completed, he realized that Daniels had the perfect voice for his overly-polite, excessively dramatic protocol droid, and so Daniels’ own dialogue was left in the film.

The short story that Daniels selected for his at-home reading is, obviously, a Star Wars story. His book of choice is ”Star Wars: Galactic Adventures Storybook.” The narrative has him reprising his iconic role as C3PO, this time captured by Darth Vader, left to question who will rescue him. The answer comes when R2D2 comes aboard. But will the two droids be able to escape on their own? Or will they require the help of their rebel friends? The only way to find out is to watch Daniels’ brilliant storytelling on screen. 

Being trapped at home isn’t what most had planned for the spring of 2020. However, we can all be grateful for the endless supply of entertainment we’ve received from our favorite actors during this time. There are none more talented or prolific than Anthony Daniels, so we’ve enjoyed this story in a special way! Which Star Wars character would you most like to narrate a tale?

Video and photos courtesy of Disney

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