Staying at the New & Improved Disneyland Hotel


Disneyland Hotel – New And Improved!

Usually this just means new packaging. We’re often sold on things that are new and improved that are nothing more than a shining up of the previous product. I should note that I am calling Disneyland Hotel “New and Improved” on my own. To my knowledge Disney themselves haven’t referred to it that way. They will tell you they are a AAA 4-Diamond Award Hotel though… Which I would too, I suppose…

However, in the case of Disneyland Hotel it truly is new and improved with the same charm we’ve always known it to have. Disney truly went in and updated this hotel while maintaining the classic feel.

Disneyland Hotel has undergone major renovations this past few years. From the rooms, to new Suites and the pool. With very few exceptions, the new Disneyland Resort is fresh, fun and a blast to stay at. The first night we stayed in the room, my then 5 year old son went on a exploration of the room and found that when he turned a specific switch on the nightstand the mural on the wall behind us lit up with fireworks. Not only did this surprise us but he found that he could also make music play for us to go to sleep to, not that we could go to sleep after discovering this magic. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that we stayed up another hour to play with the fireworks and music. I’m not telling you the song that plays because you need to be surprised too!

One of the best parts of the hotel for any fan of Disney is the amount of history contained inside. This hotel has touches of Disney Magic and History everywhere. From replica’s of long forgotten rides and attractions, to furnishings and paintings. Each Tower is fashioned after a different Area of the Park. You can stay in the Adventure, Fantasy or Frontier Tower.

The pool area has been revamped as well. From one pretty decent pool to 3 pools with bridges, rivers and more… Check out the nod to history with the E-Ticket on the pool edge! Remember those? You needed them to ride the best rides at one time.


In addition to the E-Ticket Pool, you can visit The Monorail pool which features two water slides! So much fun for the whole family.

So much to see and do just at the Disneyland Hotel. It’s a wonder you ever make it to the parks. There is also a great place to hang out by the fire in Trader Sam’s – Enchanted Tiki Bar. There are new restaurants and great shopping boutiques.

I highly recommend the Disneyland Hotel. Just as much as I’d recommend Grand California Hotel and Spa to be honest. Disneyland Hotel character dining is a true favorite of our families! Hit up Goofy’s Kitchen for a breakfast buffet and chill with a lot of your Disney friends. Or stop by and get some coffee at The Coffee House. Overall there are 5 restaurants and food service options in the Disneyland Hotel. Check them all out!

There are also some amazingly cool Signature Suites. I’ll get to those in another post, but goodness, who doesn’t want to stay in the Mickey Mouse Penthouse or Pirates of the Caribbean room? I know I do!!

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