Star Wars Weekends Could be Just a Memory!

Mickey and Minnie Star Wars Weekends

Hiya! I know you know who I am but let me have my moment. Drum roll please!!!!! It is “I” Anonymouse! Ok, now I feel better! On to the gossip of the day. I know there are so many Star Wars fans out there and you love your Star Wars Weekends, but they might be just a distant memory.

Star Wars Weekends started in 97 and have been extremely popular. I have a very reliable source that told me these fun weekends will be no more because of the new Star Wars land additions coming. They might keep some aspects of it but they are figuring that there will be permanent Star Wars attractions so Star Wars Weekends is really not needed anymore.

I also have a little bonus rumor for you. I know I never disappoint right? Don’t answer that! Anyway it seems as thought all those cute cuddly Disney characters dressed in Star Wars stuff will also go bye bye. Along with that might go the meet and greets etc. However, knowing Disney they already have something bigger and better coming!

Have no fear, the force will still be with you! Season of the Force is coming very soon in early 2016. That will bring Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland and the Star Wars fireworks show at Hollywood Studios. So you can still get your Star Wars fix. 

Remember, with any and all gossip, it is just that gossip until Disney says it is a reality!

Anywho, this all the Disney gossip I have for now. For my past gossip articles be sure to check them out here. Got any good gossip/rumors please email me at or on my Facebook page

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