Star Wars Tsum Tsum Collection Officially Announced

Star Wars Tsum Official

Last month we talked about how Star Wars Tsum Tsum plush toys might be heading to The Disney Store, and today that became official! Last year was amazing getting a Tsum Tsum Tuesday the first Tuesday of every month, but now it looks like we’ll be seeing Tsum Tsum Tuesday the first AND third Tuesday of every month!

The first wave of the new Star Wars collection will launch into our galaxy February 16, 2016. Be ready to choose the path of the light or dark with all your favorite heroes and villains of the epic first Star Wars trilogy. Personally I’m hoping they do a large size Jabba the Hutt Tsum Tsum to taunt the mini ones with.

Excited for more Star Wars Tsum Tsums? Stay tuned, because rumor has it a second wave may be on the way. You can check out the newest Tsum Tsum Tuesday collection here.

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