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    Sean Crampton

    I can tell you exactly why Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge is failing/flopping (exceptionally low attendance) right now, in this order:
    1) Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, & Rian Johnson butchered the Star Wars universe and franchise.
    2) Disney & SJW’s pissed off and turned away the actual Star Wars fans that would have come in droves and spent thousands of $’s.
    3) Galaxy’s Edge is based on the “NEW” Star Wars (Disney’s version of it) & it doesn’t feel familiar to long-time fans. It’s an off-brand.
    4) The park isn’t technically fully open yet. Additional rides, activities, and lodging are still under development/construction.
    5) Quality of the products, experience, and service (Ex: the overpriced flimsy lightsabers).
    6) Cost. $2,750.00 for the CHEAPEST/SHORTEST stay. If you splurge, you could EASILY spend well over $6,000 on visiting the park.
    7) Disney bet heavily on and catered to younger audiences, instead of the adult audience that Star Wars was made for.
    8) It’s in Disneyland, CA and not in Disney World, FL. Local V.S. International market.
    9) Cast Member & Passholder Blackout Dates, Reservations, Boarding Passes, Etc.
    10) Oversaturation of the market.
    Looks likes Disney’s expectations have been subverted.#Disney #DisneyParks #StarWars #GalexysEdge

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    I am glad they decided to do this. I remember when toy story land opened and I happened to be there when they were allowing cast members in. I was so upset as I am an out of state passholder. Hopefully they will have it through a back entrance so others at the parkndont feel bad.

  3. 8

    Jenna G.

    It isn’t right that only certain Platinum, Platinum Plus and Premium passholders will be allowed to go/get the e-mail. It’s poorly planned and at this rate, opening day is less than 60 days out. How are we supposed to plan?

  4. 7

    Sherry Brown

    Awaiting email. Have our proper passes and reservations booked to stay 8/28-9/5 for opening but need preview dates asap to plan to attend that too.

  5. 6


    Just called, cast member said email had not gone out and they had no way of knowing when it would.

  6. 5

    Kristy Farnham

    I so hope to get the email. I would love to go!

  7. 4


    I’m Stalking my e mail ! I hope I get chosen

  8. 3


    This is not right, all Passholders should be able to go

  9. 2

    Nancy Powell

    Platinum passholder, but I can’t make any plans since I don’t know any dates for the preview.Its hard on those of us who have jobs and have to request vacation time in advance. Wish they would consider things like this in making decisions on how they plan for attendance.

  10. 1


    Looking forward to
    Galaxy edge and hopefully I’ll
    Get that email .❤️And ty always for a wonderful updates .

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