Star Wars Fan Film Kenobi Makes Its Stellar Debut

This Christmas Eve, Star Wars fans around the world can enjoy the debut of “Kenobi“! This highly anticipated fan film will be available on YouTube and will take fans on a unique adventure with the familiar franchise.

Star Wars Fan Film Kenobi Makes Its Stellar Debut

This short film takes fans back to the dessert planet of Tatooine. Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who now goes by “Ben” is watching over a special child. This child holds the fate of the galaxy within them. However, Kenobi is plagued with doubt and guilt. He feels as though he’s failed the Republic and the Jedi order. Most of all, he feels like he failed Anakin Skywalker. Now, he will be tested again with this child and will attempt right the wrong that he blames himself for.

Kenobi” comes to us by the talent of Jamie Costa. Costa also portrays Obi-Wan in the film. This isn’t the first fan film he’s created and worked on. In 2016, Costa debuted Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade- A Star Wars Fan Film. Costa will be joined by Audie Rick who will play a young Luke Skywalker. Even, Mark Hamill himself approved of the casting for Luke, calling Audie his “mini me”.

Kenobi will debut on December 24th on YouTube for all Star Wars fans to enjoy! You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Watch the trailer for the film here: Kenobi

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