Stan Lee Hypes Future Marvel Movies

Great article from Screen Rant talking about Marvel & Stan Lee. In Stan’s tweets he throws out some exciting Movie News to all his fans. Then Screen Rant goes into more details about the upcoming Marvel Movie releases.

Stan Lee is seemingly trying to get fans excited today with some of his recent tweets. We’ve long heard the talk, hints and speculation about future Marvel Studios projects outside of and post-Avengers. Some of these include the long-gestating Ant-Man solo film which has had Edgar Wright’s name on it for quite some time.

That’s not all though as we’ve also heard talk of movies including a Heroes for Hire project that could bring Iron Fist and Luke cage to the big screen, Black Panther, Dr. Strange and much much more. These are just the ones that we haven’t met yet as there’s always talks of spin-offs and sequels to the current set of films in development

Here are a few tweets from Stan:

“To make up for my previous grievous error, here’s a little item that may have escaped you. Marvel is prepping a movie starring– Ant Man!”

“I had lunch with the cool , young director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and, as you’d imagine, we had fun discussing the tiny hero”

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