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    dkp, I really enjoyed the boat ride from HOB back to the Marketplace, just long enough to rest the old feet! Also we got a very cheeky driver named Dave who was very fun to ride with. I like to get the bus from the Market place not from the West Side, the West bus stop is right in the full sun by the afternoon, making the boat ride and the Marketplace bus stop much nicer.

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    If I am going to spend the morning/early afternoon at DTD, I get there before the stores open for a quiet omelet at Wolfgang Puck’s Express. Then right over to World of Disney when it opens, that way if I really want to buy things, it is not so crowded, pick up a shopping basket and fill it up! Then get it all sent back to the resort. After that it is back to the Art of Disney, the Candy Kitchen (refueling) and then the Disney Kitchen store. Sad to hear that Pooh’s Corner is closed. I usually check out the Under $10 store as well. Then some Lego time!
    Often lunch will be at the Earl of Sandwich (even though I can’t eat grains, I can always find something there). After lunch there is a dessert of one free chocolate at Ghirardelli’s and some more wandering, keep going until I hit the House of Blues, check out their store, get on the boat for the Marketplace and usually hit the Kitchen store one more time then onto a bus for wherever dinner reservations are.
    If I am traveling with someone who has been to WDW before when we get to DTD we split up after breakfast for some serious solo shopping and then meet for lunch.

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