Space Mountain A Graphic Novel Coming Soon to Bookstores!


The year is 2125 and the Magellan Science Academy has given two lucky cadets special
Thulium tickets to join a team of space explorers on an exciting time-travel mission twenty-four
hours into the future. But when their mission goes unexpectedly wrong, the two kids must band
together with a tiny flying saucer sidekick to save themselves, their crew, and all of Space
Mountain–before time runs out and the galaxy is destroyed!


Writer BRYAN Q. MILLER is best known for his work on TV’s Arrow and Smallville (The
CW), and DC Comics’ Teen Titans and Batgirl, both of which were fan favorites. Bryan has
also written several Spider-Man stories for Marvel Press.


Fan-favorite and best-selling artist KELLEY JONES is widely known for his acclaimed run
on DC Comics’ Batman, which helped inspire Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Kelley
is also well-known for his definitive run on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman for Vertigo Comics, and
has worked for every major comic book publisher. This is his first work for Disney.

Check out this amazing story when it hits stores  May 6th!

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