A ‘Space Camp’ Remake Is Coming To Disney+

A ‘Space Camp‘ Remake Is Coming To Disney+. According to an exclusive report with THR, a remake of the 80’s film, Space Camp is being launched into the 21st Century on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. The original film was not a box office sensation, but Disney is hoping to breathe new life into the story featuring modern and futuristic technology.

“The original Space Camp is about Andie Bergstrom, an astronaut eagerly awaiting her first trip to space, runs a summer camp for teenagers with her NASA-employed husband, Zach. One night during an engine test, Andie and four teenage campers are accidentally shot into space. Together, the group — which includes Kathryn, a pilot-in-training, and Tish, a ditz with a perfect memory — must work together to operate the spacecraft and return home.”

Photo Credit: ABC Motion Pictures

With so much focus on STEM programs and the ever revolving door of technology, this seems like a natural fit for a film based on new technology while sharing a memorable story about the next generation of space travelers. SNL Writers, Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, have been tapped to pen the script for the film. John Rickard is set as the producer.

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Featured Photo Credit: ABC Motion Pictures


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