Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Review

My family and I just got back from a vacation to DisneyWorld. We had many things we wanted to try that were new in the parks, and one high on my kids lists (ages 8 and 11) was the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive game that was recently introduced.

On our FIRST day in the Magic Kingdom the kids saw the recruitment center (located inside of the Firehouse on Main Street) and the line was short so we headed over to be recruited.

As we waited in line for the training  they had a video going explaining the premise. When it was our turn we went up to a Cast Member who asked  how many would be playing that day and if we had played the game before. They let you chose if you want to play together as a family or separately and what location you would like to play in.

We decided we wanted the option to try all of the different areas so we told them we wanted to play separately. We were each given a packet that included 5 spell cards (these are collectible cards showing different Disney characters who have the ability to cast different types of spells), a key card to unlock portals and a map of where all of the portals are located in your playing area.

My son  was assigned Adventureland, my daughter was assigned Fantasyland, my husband  was assigned Main Street, and I was assigned Frontierland. It is weird that Tomorrowland isn’t included in this, but I digress……..
We went through our agent training quickly:

After we all had been trained and had our mission assignments we decided to save them for later (you can play at any time once they are activated) and go ride some rides!

Several hours later the kids were BEGGING to do a mission and since we were by Adventureland we decided to start there. The line was long and what stinks is as you wait the screen tells you everything – so if you want to be surprised by what the mission will be you have to purposely look away which was hard for my kids to do.

We went to a total of 4 portals during this mission and my kids never really got into it :

We have played the Kim Possible Missions along World Showcase and my kids LOVE them all and we have done the interactive MidShip Detective Agency aboard the Disney Dream which my kids LOVED but…………….

I’m going to be honest here:  we are not fans of this game, which was a bummer, the kids were really looking forward to it!

Our Jungle Cruise Skipper a few days later NAILED it when he said the game is like Pokemon with Jafar involved, so true. It’s just not that great in our opinion, there really doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what card to hold up and how they defeat them. There were a LOT of crazed older men walking around with HUGE binders full of these cards like Pokemon folders and geeking out about it. I honestly saw more grown men playing than kids throughout our trip which was just odd to me.

It obviously wasn’t a hit with us since this was the one and only time we played and the kids didn’t ask to play again after that.

***I will say that I have been told by multiple people that for now they have this game set at “level 1″ out of 3 levels and that once crowds die down from the initial excitement they will start bumping it up and it will make the missions more interactive and strategic. I certainly hope it does something to help this game because it has a ways to go in my opinion.

-Have you tried the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game? If so what did you or your kids think?

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  1. I’m glad someone else felt the same way about that game! I just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I’d rather be riding rides!

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