Sorcerer Mickey Ears Are Making Magic At Walt Disney World

Get ready to cast a spell with the newest ears to hit the parks! New Sorcerer Mickey ears have arrived to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Fantasia! These magical new ears can be found at the Walt Disney World Parks, as well as Downtown Disney in Calfornia!

Sorcerer Mickey Ears

One of the first things I always think of when I think of Fantasia is Sorcerer Mickey! He is by far my favorite version of Mickey too. These ears perfectly capture the essence of the iconic moment when the apprentice decided to try his hand at wielding the power of the hat! These ears are plush and fuzzy and sit atop of a red and gold headband, that is the same colors as Mickey’s sorcerer robes. The centerpiece of these ears is of course the Sorcerer hat! A plush blue hat tops the center of these ears, with a silver moon and stars! A gold robe like the one worn by Mickey in Fantasia ties around the hat to complete the magical look.

These magically adorable ears retail for the usual $29.99 that we usually see Mickey and Minnie ears go for these days.

Are these enchanting new Sorcerer Mickey Ears on your wishlist?

Special thanks to Tina and Nikki for these fantastic photos!

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