Some of the biggest layoffs are occurring at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Layoffs Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The most recent round of layoffs affect the live entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World Resort. However, it certainly looks like a majority of the entertainment layoffs are impacting the castmembers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Citizens of Hollywood are among those receiving layoffs. The talented comedy crew gave character to the streets of the theme park.

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Gee thanks 2020. Took loved ones, friends, our normal way of life, wreck my sanity, brought in a reign of terror to a certain aspect of my life, and now…….NOW you’re taking away what does make us all laugh and smile. Juan Scenario. Thank you for years of laughs. Thank you for making us normal folks have our troubles melt away while listening to jokes, bad songs, etc. All of the citizens make the Hollywood Studios what they are and I can’t even wrap my head around this. So thank you all you mask-holes who refuse to wear masks, social distance, or stay your asses at home because you feel “entitled and it’s against your rights”. Well congrats. While you selfishly do whatever the hell you want, folks are losing their jobs. Laughter is being silenced. Stages are going dark. Forever. Art is being taken away from us. Wear the damn mask!!!!! 😷 😷😷 #citizensofhollywood #hollywoodstudios #sunsetblvd #dhs #disney #2020istheworst #juanscenario #laughterissilenced #impissedtoday #imtiredofcrying

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Straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood, these entertainers are ready for their close-up, but they’re never gonna make the big-time without a little assistance from the audience. Hey, that’s you!

Keep those peepers peeled, ‘cause the gang could show up just about anywhere, at any given moment! Don’t miss your chance to get discovered and show off your inner star quality.

The layoffs are hitting the castmembers who work for the following experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

  • Jedi Training Academy
  • Citizens of Hollywood
  • Beauty & the Beast Live Stage Show
  • Green Army Men
  • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
  • The Little Mermaid Live on stage

It’s unfortunate to report such layoffs since the cast and crew of these experiences delighted many Disney guests. They truly brought talent, humor, and entertainment to add to the magic of a Disney vacation.

We will follow up with updates when more information is available.


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