Soft and Cuddly Mickey and Minnie Plush Toy Pair

Mickey and Minnie Plush Toy Pair

Awe, I know I’m a grown-up, but Oh boy! I love plush toys! This adorable Mickey and Minnie Plush Toy Pair is just the cutest thing!

This snugly set of plushiess is Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mickey wearing their winter finest. They look like they are ready for a hike on a snowy day, or hitting the ski slopes! Of course after a long day of snowy fun they’ll want to snuggle up with you for a cup of hot cocoa! This set comes with both Mickey and Minnie as a set, and ready to play in a winter wonderland.

Do you know someone who would love this Mickey and Minnie Plush Toy Pair?


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