Sneak Preview of the Lion King and Jungle Festival!

Disneyland Paris released a sneak preview video about The Lion King and Jungle Festival! Within the video, Mark Huffman reveals details about the highly-anticipated Rhythms of the Pride Lands, from the stage design to the costumes. There is also a sneak preview at some of the exclusive merchandise that will be available during this exciting and spectacular season.

The video discusses the Jungle Book Jive show which will be a musical extravaganza bringing to life The Jungle Book, transporting guests into the iconic Walt Disney animated classic. Likewise, the video discusses Timon Matadance where guests can line up with Timon and Pumba to learn dances with your favourite duo!

The Lion King and Jungle Festival is coming to Disneyland Paris on the 30th June to the 22nd of September!


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Tessa H