Snack Like A Super Hero With The Incredibles Goldfish

Incredibles Goldfish

Do you remember the deliciously awesome Mickey Mouse Goldfish from last month? Well now Target has another fun snack inspiration, The Incredibles Goldfish! That’s right, all the snacking power of Goldfish crackers, with a “Dash” of our favorite Super Hero family.

You’ll find these heroic goodies on special Goldfish displays at select Target stores. The crackers inside have regular orange goldfish, red goldfish, and yellow crackers shaped like The Incredibles logo! They are available in the original Goldfish Crackers flavor only as well. The packaging features out favorite crime fighting family on teh front, with shades of bright red surrounding them.

The fun doesn’t stop at the crackers though, there is also trivia about The Incredibles on the side of the packaging! Snacks, and entertainment in one? This is going on the road trip list for sure. Do you know the answers to the trivia questions on this bag? This bag is so marvelous, I’d almost guess Edna Mode herself designed it!

You can find The Incredibles Goldfish now at select Target Locations, while supplies last!

Be sure to catch The Incredibles this month, when they soar into theaters June 15th! Will Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible and their heroic children save the day again?

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