Sleepy Hollow’s Nutella Waffle with Fruit.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “Where can I get a waffle with chicken and salad greens on top of it in the middle of the Magic Kingdom?” well, your dreams have just been answered.  You can now get a waffle with Nutella, sweet and spicy chicken, or ham, prosciutto and Swiss cheese at Sleepy Hollow, the quick service counter on the right as you enter Liberty Square.   Since I’d just had lunch (with some Imagineers, you know the usual) and I was still a bit hungry (because one does not stuff one’s face while dining with Imagineers, especially good-looking ones), I decided to make a beeline over to Sleepy Hollow and try out the Nutella waffle.

The great thing about the Nutella waffle is that it’s covered in fruit so you can tell yourself that you’re being virtuous all while you’re digging through the berries and bananas to get to the chocolate goodness that is Nutella.  Not familiar with Nutella? It’s a chocolate and hazelnut spread, but the chocolate far outshines the hazelnut flavor.  At $5.59, it’s a pricey snack that doesn’t count as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan, but it’s big enough for two or even three to share.

The waffle is your standard Belgian waffle. It could be a bit more tender but overall I had no complaints about the flavor. They give you a pretty generous serving of strawberries, raspberries, and bananas, about three-fourths of a cup. My only complaint would have to be the schmear of Nutella, which was on the thin side. A couple more tablespoons would have made it perfect.

This snack far outshines Sleepy Hollow’s signature funnel cake, so the addition of the Nutella waffle is a welcome one for a quick bite of something sweet on that side of the park. I’ll definitely try it again.

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