Signs Are Up For Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza Opening This Summer at Disney Springs

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza Disney Springs

The signs are now up for Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza opening this summer at Disney Springs.  Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza promises a pizza experience like no other with its build-your-own pizza assembly line featuring artisanal ingredients.  From its scratch-made pizza dough and the fresh ingredients, to the open-flame oven, and picnic-style seating, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza will certainly provide  great food served in a fun and interactive atmosphere.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d pizza is known for it’s fun and interactive pizza assembly line that allows you to build-your-own pizza.  As you move along the assembly line you choose all the amazing toppings you want to build your pizza.  Signature pizzas such as “Green Stripe”, featuring pesto drizzle over chicken, or the “White Top”, featuring white cream sauce and bacon, are sure to please even the most discerning pizza aficionado.  Both the build-your-own pizzas and the signature pizzas will run for $9.65.  You will also have the option to upgrade your dough to high-rise dough, or gluten-free dough, for $2.00 more.

The pizza dough is made fresh daily on site.  Their wide variety of toppings are also fresh and ready to be added to your pizza. Along with their fresh ingredients, added by your choosing, you are sure to end up with a pizza that is flavorful and specific to your tastes.

The blazing open-flame oven allows you to see your pizza as it cooks.  After your pizza has been built, a pizzasmith will place it into the oven where it will cook for only 180 seconds!  That is certainly fast-cooked pizza that boasts fresh flavor.

The restaurant will having seating for 200 people.  I am particularly interested in the outdoor patio picnic-style seating.  Like many of the new Disney Springs restaurants, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza will have a covered outdoor patio facing the beautiful Disney Springs.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza is set to open later this summer.  If you love pizza then this will be the restaurant to visit.  Whether you wish to build-your-own pizza or choose one of their signature pizzas, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza will be a welcome addition to the Disney Springs area of the Walt Disney World Resort.

What do you think about the Build-Your-Own Pizza option?  Please leave your comments in the box below.

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