Show Your Love With These Haunted Mansion Matching Tees

Show off your much you love your grim grinning partner with these fun new Haunted Mansion Matching Tees! These matching shirts are great for couples who like things on the spookier side!

Haunted Mansion Matching Tees

The shirts both have the Hitchhiking Ghosts we all know and love from the Haunted Mansion on them. The fun part is they are pointing their thumbs in opposite directions, so they point to the other shirt. One says “He’s My Foolish Mortal”, while the other reads “She’s My Foolish Mortal”. They are both a classic Haunted Mansion purple as well!

You can find these fun Haunted Mansion Matching Tees just in time for Valentine’s Day at Walt Disney World!

Special thanks to Wright Touch of Magic for the photos!

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