Share your Disney pictures with us.

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I am not sure if you noticed but we have 2 new writers here on Chip and Company. MouzeKateerz who is our Disney in Pictures Blogger & Dulcie who handles our Disney Food Confessions. They are a welcomed addition to the C&C Team!

Both of our new writers focus on pictures at the Disney Parks. While MouzeKateerz believes every Photo has a story Dulcie shares my one hidden passion the love of Disney Food!

While it is impossible for anyone to have thousands of photos to use for articles, because when most of us visit the parks we are there to have fun. So this is the part where you come in…

We are looking for people to submit Disney Park Photos and Disney Food Photos to us. We would love to feature your pictures on the Chip and Co website! I know many of you have your own blog, business or website who wouldnt want free advertising/links from our website. So in other words if you send us your photos we will link to your site and make sure you get the credit for the photo.

Now we have a few requirements for the photos so be sure to read the details below and keep in mind we will not be able to use every photo so you will have to keep and eye out to Chip and Co every day to see if yours made the cut. Please note while we love family photos we are looking for Park and Food Photos only.

Photo Details:

Disney in Picture Photos – All pictures must be of something (other than food) at the Disney Parks. Rides, Attractions, a Funny Sign, etc. Be sure to tell us what is in the picture and any important details. Just use the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, Why and When. That way we have enough information to share the Disney Magic. Send your DIP Photos to

Disney Food Confessions – All pictures must be of Disney Food. While a plate full of buffet items are yummy were looking for individual food items. Be sure to let us know the What it is, Where you got it, and Why people would want to eat it. Send your DFC photos to

In your submissions be sure to tell us who you are and if you have a website, blog or Facebook page you would like for us to link to. Please send 1 photo per email. You can send as many as you like and we will try to use all entries received.


  • Capturing Disney in Pictures: 12th Day of Christmas at Goofy’s Candy Co. (
  • Disney Food Confession – Big Thunder Ranch BBQ (

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4 thoughts on “Share your Disney pictures with us.

  1. Please feel free to send all Food Confessions to my email
    When you send the email please remember that we are looking for photos of different menu items.
    Be sure to include where you were at,the name of the item in the photo and what you liked about it.
    And also if you would like a link back to your blog please include that as well.


  2. We have photo’s from Halloween 2011. I have most all of them posted on my fb page Bekki Wagner (Christensen). If you would like me to send individual ones, I can do that. I just don’t want to overload your poor e-mail. Most of the pictures are photo pass photo’s.

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