Seven Year Old Claire Crosby Crushes Her Cover of “Into the Unknown” from “Frozen II”

Claire Crosby Frozen 2 cover

Claire Crosby, seven year old YouTube singing sensation, has been uploading Disney covers since she was a young toddler.

Sometimes she sings with her father, Dave Crosby, and sometimes she crushes it by herself, like her recent cover of Into the Unknown from Frozen II.

Claire has been in love with Disney since the release of the original Frozen, so of course she had to make a cover when the second one came out!

This girl is AMAZINGLY TALENTED! She clearly loves what she does and it’s very inspiring. She is living proof that you are never too young to accomplish anything.

From the costume changes to the intensity in Claire’s voice when she sings, you can tell that she’s a pro!

To see more of Claire’s amazing covers, you can visit her YouTube channel (The Crosbys) here!

Photo source The Crosbys YouTube Channel.

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