Secret Identity and Super Powers Are Needed To Work at Disney’s Avengers Campus


Avengers Assemble! With 23 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a wide variety of superheroes and supervillains have been introduced to movie audiences. Since these Marvel heroes are so popular, Disney is currently constructing Marvel-themed lands at three of their Disney Parks. So far they’re set to open an Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. Each location will treat their Marvel-themed land like a superhero outpost based on three different continents. The first Avengers Campus is set to open at Disney California Adventure in Summer 2020. But what does it take to work there? To work for the Avengers, Disney is looking for some new super-powered recruits!

The process for job candidates to apply to Avengers Campus is certainly amusing. Disney hired a 35-member Avengers Campus team after a unique application process. Their task is to work with Walt Disney Imagineering to both prepare the attractions for opening day and to train Cast Members who will work at Avengers Campus.

Application Process Required Superhero Identities

These candidates had to complete a mix of team-building exercises and creative projects. For instance, they had to create a superhero identity, powers, and character biography to help stand out in the interview process. It was an opportunity to have job applicants show off both their personality and creativity. This unique job application process gave candidates the chance to show why they wanted to work in a Marvel-themed land. After all, the Marvel Universe is filled with beloved comic book characters and tales to astonish!

Some of the team-building exercises they worked on dealt with MCU trivia knowledge and puzzle-solving. What’s fun is they can call Spider-Man their coworker! It fits in this themed land since they are working for the Avengers. Who knew it could be this fun to be working for the Avengers?!

Stay tuned for news in the future on updates for Disney’s California Adventure’s Avengers Campus.

Photo Credit: Disney

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Kevin Koszola