Second touch point for Magic Bands being removed from some Walt Disney World attractions


If you’ve ever used a FastPass+ to enter any ride at Walt Disney World, then you’ve noticed that you need to touch your band to the Mickey at the entrance of the FastPass+ line, as well as somewhere along the inside of the line as well, as you get closer to the ride. This point is usually at the spot where the Stand-by and FastPass+ lines merge, and is used as a way of preventing or “catching” guests who try to sneak their way into the FastPass+ line without an actual FastPass+.

According to, it appears that some rides will be eliminating the second touch-point, hopefully making the FastPass+ line even speedier and smoother for guests now. Have you ever really thought that the second touchpoint was holding you up?

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Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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4 thoughts on “Second touch point for Magic Bands being removed from some Walt Disney World attractions

  1. Think this will be a bad idea. It never slowed mw down and I go during peak seasons mostly. This will cause guests who think it fun to “cut” or others you have no morals just jump in. I see arguments in the future with this decision in a place where that does not usually happen.

  2. I have to agree with you 100%. I’ve seen people jump to the FP side and then get caught closer to the ride. I hope they only eliminate the second touch point in rides where it is [almost] impossible to line-jump.

  3. I agree. I’m sure the line jumper are excited for this change. I also thought Disney used it to time the fastpass lines. Maybe not but I’m guessing they could.

  4. Never thought that it slowed me down; I was actually thankful it was there. I’m a Rule Follower. People who don’t follow rules drive me batty, so I was happy the second point was there to catch the line-jumpers who tried to sneak in the FP line. I didn’t see it happen often, but it sure was gratifying to see Standby-to-FP line jumpers get sent out to the back of the line.

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