SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean Sea It Glow Illuminates Summer Nights

SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean Sea It Glow illuminates summer nights in Orlando.  Featuring awesome foods, picturesque shows, a fun dance party and impressive fireworks, this event is sure to be a hit with families. Here is our photo tour of this amazing night-time spectacular.

First of all, awesome foods await at Electric Ocean Sea It Glow.  There are four Steam Bao Buns and our favorites were the Hawaiian Pork and the Ahi Tuna.  The flame-grilled chicken and pork were very flavorful and we loved the Guava and Cheese Empanada.  One of the most popular dishes of the evening was the Totchos.  We tried the Chicken Totchos and they were also really tasty.

Furthermore, picturesque shows, such as the all-new “Touch The Sky” dolphin show is magnificent.  Seeing the connection the team has with their animals is truly unforgettable.  I am not sure how they did it, but the dolphins actually dance to the music!

The Sea Lions Tonite show is a parody of SeaWorld.  This feel-good presentation will have you laughing.  We love that SeaWorld feels comfortable enough to poke fun at themselves because this show works!  If you want to experience the Sea Lions Tonite during Electric Ocean, it will only be showing now through September 2nd so be sure to plan a visit soon.

In addition to the outdoor shows, POP is an unforgettable indoor bubble show that will leave you feeling amazed!  This presentation takes place in the Nautilus Theater.  When combined, the music, the lights and the bubbles make for a not-to-be-missed show.

Finally, a fun dance party and impressive fireworks come alive when the sun goes down and Electric Ocean Sea It Glow begins to glimmer.  Meander along the iridescent walkway and be sure to look up into the trees at the glowing displays.  Head over to Bayside Stadium for the Club Sea Glow dance party.  Close out your evening with Ignite, an incredible laser and fireworks show, to end the evening.

In conclusion, Electric Ocean Sea It Glow is an event that encompasses areas of interest for every member of the family.  The food is flavorful, the shows are spectacular, and when the night begins to glimmer, prepare to be amazed!  Electric Ocean is available weekends in June and August, and 7 days a week from June 24th-July 29th, now through September 2nd.

Are you planning to visit SeaWorld Orlando for their Electric Ocean Sea It Glow event this summer?  Please leave your comments in the box below.


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