Sea World Christmas Celebration

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Sea World Christmas Celebration

I recently had the privilege of attending the Sea World Christmas Celebration, and I want to tell you all about it!  First, the details.  The Sea World Christmas Celebration started on November 17, 2018 and it will run until December 31, 2018.  Attendance at the Sea World Christmas Celebration is included in your Sea World ticket.

Now for the fun parts.  I got to the park before the sun went down to check in and learn about what was going on.  After that, it was time to enjoy the celebration.  As the sun went down, I got to see the Sea of Trees, above, light up.  There was also a pretty cool show involved, and I loved how the reflections of the trees on the water added to the show.

There is a Christmas Market set up in one part of the park, but the whole park is decorated to celebrate Christmas.  This is just one example of the beautiful lights I saw all through the park.  In fact, I killed the battery in my phone because I took so many pictures of the lights.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, and this Rudolph village was amazing to see.  There are meet and greets with Rudolph, Clarice, Yukon Cornelius, and the Bumble Snow Monster.  In another part of the park, you can meet the big man himself, Santa Claus.  There is also the option to buy priority access to meet these characters either at the gate or on their website.  You can also get a dining package to have a meal with Santa and it gives you priority seating for two of the holiday shows.  Since I was trying to see everything, I chose the show I most wanted to see to tell you about, and that was Shamu’s Christmas Miracle.  I’ve seen Shamu before, but I really enjoyed this show.  I also think the people in the splash zones got wetter than I’ve ever seen during the day.  Good thing it was hot that night because that water is cold!

Time for food!  I love to eat and have a serious sweet tooth.  Get ready for a serious food picture overload.  The badge pictured above is the Red Tasting and Brew Sampler.  $25 gets you five treats and seasonal brews.  You can also get the Gold Tasting and Brew Sampler, which is $40 for ten treats and seasonal brews.  Let me tell you that one person will get full on five treats.

First up is the Turkey Sundae Dinner Bowl.  This is mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce drizzled with gravy.  It was just as delicious as it looks.

This is the S’mores Cone before it goes into the cone, which is in the picture on my badge.  This treat was so chocolatey and delicious, you simply have to try it because I can’t do it justice in words.

Yes, the lighting is a little off, but that is because I was standing under colored lights when I took it.  This is Chicken and Waffles topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, and bacon.  I was a little skeptical when I grabbed this one, but the combination of sweet and savory in this treat is perfect.  There is also just a little bit of heat in the chicken that gives it a kick.

This one, I went looking for.  This is Brisket Mac and Cheese.  There is brisket in the mac and cheese and then they topped it with a big piece of brisket and drizzled it with barbecue sauce.  I was starting to get full by now, and I still ate most of this one because it was that good.  Now for dessert.

Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream icing, and red and green sprinkles.  This was everything I wanted out of a cupcake, though I did have to wait until the next day to eat this one.  And the next one.

Red velvet.  What else can I say?  It was as delicious as you would expect from a red velvet cupcake.  However, I ate these the next day because of the next treat.

Waffle cone filled with Holiday Cheesecake.  Holiday Cheesecake is the cheesecake filling and those sprinkles on top are Pop Rocks.  This treat had me using some poor judgement and eating more than I should have.  This treat is also available with an apple crisp filling, but this one was definitely the one I wanted.  Now, drinks.  (I told you I ate a lot.)

This drink is peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream, and crushed peppermint sprinkled on top.  It comes in this souvenir mug which I accidentally knocked over later in the evening and, with the lid on and closed, it didn’t leak, and that made me happy.  I also tried the Frozen Candy Cane, which is also a drink, but it comes in the same cup with the lid on, so the picture wouldn’t have shown you my pink, minty drink.  It is not a bad choice, but I would definitely go with the hot chocolate.


Last part, I swear.  This is a sampling of the merchandise they have.  I would have preferred to see more that were branded with the name of the park, but I am in love with the spotted elephant and wish I had gotten one.

I also took a picture of this sign outside the Guy Harvey Shop to let all of you know that Guy Harvey himself will be doing a meet and greet there on December 8 and 9.  Phew!  That was a lot of stuff and, honestly, it was a fraction of what I did there.  You should really go check it out yourself before it ends.

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