Scripts Ready For Star Wars Live Action Show

George Lucas and C-3PO
George Lucas and C-3PO

Recent reports mention that George Lucas has over two seasons of scripts already written for a live-action Star Wars television series set in-between Episodes III and IV. Information about this show has been making rounds for the past four years including casting rumors, pre-production and a supposed air date.

In a recent interview on G4-TV Lucas mentions that the ambitious project has been shelved for the time being until it’s more affordable to produce. Lucas says that ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) are working on ways to make special effects that cost film makers $200 million to produce cost around $60 million. That would greatly effect future films but the way television shows are produced.

George Lucas has revolutionized the way people think about independent film with the release of Star Wars, 3D film technology with Captain EO, animation with the weekly series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and¬†raised the bar with 3D attractions like Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. It seems that he is now working on another game changer that’s aimed at prime time.

I, like many of you, anxiously await this new era.

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