Robo Golf Carts Have Arrived at Walt Disney World Golf Courses

Robo golf cart

The game of golf just got more interesting at Walt Disney World Resort! To help make game a bit more leisurely for players, Disney is now offering robo golf carts. These devices help players get around all 18 holes with ease.

You can take a better look at the robo golf cart in action in the video below.

Golfers merely clip on the cart’s small transmitter (some say attaching it to your belt behind your back works best), load your golf bag on it and then the autonomous cart follows a few paces behind you wherever you go. If you stop, the cart stops. If you start walking, the cart starts moving (max speed is approximately 7 mph).

Obviously you have to be a little careful when you’re walking across narrow bridges or along any lakes on the course, but Disney Golf officials say the GPS technology in the carts is very accurate. So far, they have not had any incidents of golfers leading the carts into any trouble.

Robo golf cart

We certainly think it’s a fun new device for golfers! If any our fans try using the robo golf carts at a Disney World golf course, then let us know your experience.

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Kevin Koszola