‘Rick and Morty’ Confirmed To Exist In the Marvel Universe

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Rick and Morty‘ Confirmed To Exist In the Marvel Universe. In the most recent X-Men chapter in the “Dawn of X” reboot line, Marauders #6, Marvel Comics confirms the existence of the popular animated adult television show, Rick and Morty.

The popular animated series follow Rick and Morty on many travels through space and time, and was inspired by the stories in popular 80’s film series, Back to the Future. Rick and Morty take much deeper and darker adventures in this series, but the series has become a cult classic since its debut. With two writers for the series being tapped by Marvel Studios to pen the scripts for Disney+ series Loki and She-Hulk, it’s no coincidence the show has been referenced to in new Marvel content.

The shout out that makes Rick and Morty “canon” in the Marvel Universe comes from an exchange in Marauders #6 during a report by Yellowjacket.

“What the hell kind of warship is this?” Yellowjacket writes, after seeing some of the weird/mundane behavior of the Marauder crew. “Well, Pyro made himself a couple of Long Island iced teas and now he’s in the yacht’s movie theater watching Rick and Morty.”

Though the characters themselves do not appear in the comic, it does now include Rick and Morty as an existing show within their universe. We love getting to see “real life” content shared in other forms of media, and it’s neat to feel more connected to the characters universe.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

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