Rich NYC Moms hire handicapped tour guides to cut lines at Disney World

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The New York Post has learned some wealthy NYC moms have figured out a way to cut the long lines at Walt Disney World by hiring disabled people to pose as family members so their kids can jump to the front of the line using a Guest Assistance Card or GAC. GAC’s allow you and your party to bypass the lines like a Fastpass, and since Disney can’t ask you why you need one they are pretty much wide open for abuse like this.

The “black-market Disney World guides” run around$130 an hour, or over $1,000 for an eight-hour day. Not only is their “black-market tour guides” more efficient than Disney World’s VIP Tours, it’s cheaper as well. Disney Tours offers a VIP guide and fast passes for $310 to $380 per hour.

Things like this is not only wrong but causes all of us to have to wait in even longer lines when people are abusing the system.

I want to know what you think? Should Disney put higher restrictions on getting a GAC card. Let us know in the comment box below.




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23 thoughts on “Rich NYC Moms hire handicapped tour guides to cut lines at Disney World

  1. We have a son with autism, so it would be unfortunate if they changed things. Note, the GAC does not get you the head of the line anymore (it did at one point).

  2. Well I do think what they are doing is distasteful and only going to ruin it for everyone. I do think that as a disabled adult the disabled people getting paid are only trying to earn a little extra income to help supplement what the government gives them. As a disabled Canadian we don’t even get enough to keep us at the poverty line. But at the same time I can usually function in my hometown without a scooter but when I get to Disney, than it becomes a totally different ball game ad need to rent one for the week. No one would be able to see my issues just by looking at me and I can maybe walk a little bit of the day. But a full day I will seize up and be in terrible pain if I don’t use one. Also I was too proud to tranfer to a wheel chair whileI waited in line at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and also passed out due to anxiety and some other issues. In the end these people are going to ruin it for all of us or make it harder to obtain the Guest Assistance Card, But the New York moms should be to blame and the people setting these arrangements up.

  3. How many handicapped people are involved in this? It seems like Disney would sooner or later recognize them. This is fraud and the people who cheat the system make life difficult for those who are honest and truly need assistance.

  4. This infuriates me! I have a kid with severely debilitating Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders. He can not function in public and lines give him severe anxiety. Companies like Disney (and many others) who offer these special cards make it so families like us can actually go to these places! People abusing this end up ruining it for those who really need this!
    If I ever meet someone who does this I am pretty sure I will smack them :/

  5. I am appalled at this. Really horrified. We used the GAC for our last visit and it made life so much easier for us, though we have a legitimate reason for doing so. Just horrible that people would abuse the system like this!

  6. My son has autism and trust me this GAC card has helped us enjoy Disney. Disney has actually helped our son enjoy different things he would not try at home. These NY people up set me tremendously. I hang my head and hope they will not ruin the Disney experience my son gets by there unforgivable actions. Trust me I would rather wait in line with my son as a “normal” child than have him grow up with Autism! Disgusted!!!!

  7. They’ll go to hell? Oh, my. Thank goodness God doesn’t send us to hell for doing something distasteful or we’d all be on our way there. I honestly am not trying to be nasty, I just want to encourage you to read your Bible closely. That being said, what these folks are doing to abuse the system…well, I agree…they should be ashamed of themselves! Tsk, tsk…

  8. We use one for my friends sister who has cerabal palsy and lately they make us yse the regular line and wait with everyone else. Some rides we gave to use the exit but we usually still gave to wait any where from 10 to 15 minutes.

  9. Disney shouldn’t require any special documentation bc that may limit those who really need the passes.. Karmas a bitch and will come back to these people one way or another. And at the very least, they’ll go to hell.

  10. I think this is really sad, but hey if this disabled person is willing to do it. I myself are disabled, I had back surgery which has left me in a position of not standing for long periods of time and walking. I have used the the GAC many times but not for the rides that would further my disability. Yes sometimes I’ve gotten to the front of the line but more times than none have had to wait in line too

  11. This makes me sick, and it makes it so that those of us who do require a GAC whether for ourselves or our children are treated badly because people automatically assume the worst when they can’t see our *disability* on the outside. We have used a GAC on previous trips and although they can’t require us to bring proof because of the ADA we have, we bring certified letters from physicians.

  12. Looking at the messages below, I see that we still have a way to go to ge people to understand that the GAC is NOT a front-of-the-line pass. It simply alerts the CMs that you might need to use an alternative entrance (where you will wait, sometimes even longer than for the regular line) or wait in a shaded or quiet area. People will always find a way to game the system, no matter how it is set up. This is just one more disgusting example. I have two disabled people in my family and we have never used a GAC; we just make use of FP or wait like everyone else.

  13. And I would also like to add this. Just proving that money can’t buy brains: Not only will using wheelchairs and ECVs NOT get you to the front of the line on most attractions, but also, why would these people pay a stranger $130 and hour when they can rent an ECV and ride it themselves for about $30 a day if they pre-order. Idiots!

  14. I think a doctors letter is probably the answer. I have a child that is obviously disabled, in a power wheelchair. We really appreciate what Disney does for him. He says it is the only place he can be ‘normal’. For that reason alone, we go to Disney a lot, but I too resent the people that rent the Disney evc so that they can get into the disabled entrance. Either you are disabled or you are not, don’t ruin the experience for those that struggle EVERYDAY in their real life. Disney gives you a few days that you don’t have to struggle so much. Please don’t let the lazy people and rich people ruin it for the disabled kiddos.

  15. I had two children with disabilities, one highly visible and one not so much. Both times we went to Disney and received a GAC, it turned out to be completely useless. The card did not allow us to jump to the front of the line but use an alternate entrance, we still had to do the waiting something both my children struggled with. Often we found that the cast members were less than helpful when presented with the card, an attitude we had never witnessed in any situation in Disney. Perhaps this explains why, the cast members must be frustrated watching people abuse the system. I know I was, plus shocked at the number of people we saw playing that game. I must admit that I was less than charitable in my thoughts, if you want to play that game maybe you should have to live with an actual disability then you would learn to appreciate the abilities and health you have. I believe Disney should require more than just “a say so” to qualify guests to receive the pass, a Doctors note and ID. We are use to carrying a Doctor’s letter when we travel, it isn’t a hardship to provide one and may help with some of the abuses.

  16. In my opinion, the disabled person is the one running the scam here. I would think anyone paying that kind of money to do this would soon find out they have wasted their money. As a person with a disability, I can tell you right now that this is a widely spread “rumor” that really has no basis in fact. People in wheelchairs, ECV’s and who use a GAC do NOT GET A “FRONT OF THE LINE PASS”! I get so tired of repeating this on multiple websites. Most ride lines will accommodate these devices right up to the ride entrances so you must wait along with everyone else. On some rides where this isn’t possible, you may get to use an alternate entrance such as fastpass line where you will still end up waiting, but in most cases, this means you will bypass some of the ride features. For example, up until my last trip, people using the alternate entrance on Haunted Mansion had to skip the stretching room. This has since been changed and now you ride straight through the queue and into the stretching room right along with everyone else. As time goes on, I think Disney will set up all their rides this way as their way of counteracting the idiots that try to get away with this. I think the best way to stop the lazy, entitled people from trying to find a way to beat the system would be to educate them about the truth. I personally think it’s laughable if it is true they are paying this kind of money because I know from personal experience, it’s not going to help them much at all.

  17. This situation occurs because of the dramatic lengths Disney goes to in order to create an accessible experience for all guests. I am not saying their efforts aren’t appreciated, but Disney set themselves up for this.

    As a nurse, I understand “invisible disabilities” such as heart conditions, better than most. As a resort guest, I try to “pack my patience” as the buses load with tired travelers and motor scooters for folks who don’t “look” like they need them. You just never know.

    I also imagine at $130 per hour, it isn’t a bad way to earn a living. Plus they get to spend the day at Disney. Distasteful, perhaps. But definitely understandable.

  18. This is so sad! I have a child that has a disability and we have used the gac before and it does help a little for us but we have six children and the pass is good for 6 people. I think disney needs to rethink and have to have someone like a doctor or proof that these people are related to each other. If you have a child with special needs that requires more attention it really helps we have to break up our family at the park because of the care my daughter requires. We brought the grandma one day that is also disabled and it was a wonderful day for all! Love the family time we all got to have for that day!

  19. This is sick! I have had to use GAC card before and felt badand got several stairs by people. My 7 year old looks like a perfectly healthy kid, problem is he has a heart condition (15 surgeries and a pacemaker). He gets exausted easily and prefers to ride in a stroller when possible. We were told by several cast members we had to wait in the regular line and could not go through the fast pass line. Problem was the wait time was 100 minutes, so 20 minutes into the line he was too tired to stand and i (5 ft 100 lb) had to carry him the rest of the wait. Because people abuse it people who need it get put in positions like this.

  20. The two times I needed assistance with a gac I provided a letter to guest services from my physician. While they said it wasn’t required. I told them I felt it should be, and it made me feel better about using the system.

  21. This absolutely sickens me. Why would a disabled person allow themselves to be used like that? The GACs are a blessing to those who need them. My sister was treated very poorly at animal kingdom by one particular cast member and I wondered how a person could have so much hate in their heart. Its no wonder if they are exposed to people behaving like this.

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