Remember to Wear Sunscreen at the Disney Parks!

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Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 99…remember to wear sunscreen.  If I could offer you only one tip for the future, it would be to wear sunscreen.  The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientist…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.   So, did I take anyone down memory lane?  I probably just pegged my age for you.  Yes, I’m from a time of boy bands, power bead bracelets, and Dawson’s Creek–and I don’t care who knows!  If you remember these haunting lyrics, then you’ll probably appreciate the solid advice delivered through the cryptic words of Baz Luhrmann even more now, in your—older, wiser age.  Okay, enough with the late 90s, let’s talk Disney; that’s why you’re here after all!  Today we’re talking all things sun protecting and we’re focusing in on the powerful protection bottled in three letters…SPF!  Let’s “cover” a little sun protection to make your time at Disney, simply delightful.

What exactly is Sunscreen?

According to , sunscreens are products combining ingredients to protect you from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays.  These rays include the UVA  (longer ray that causes lasting damage to the skin like damage, skin aging, and skin cancer) and UVB (shorter rays that cause sunburn/damage to skin and can cause skin damage).  Sunscreen protects your skin according to it’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor).  Sunscreen’s come in a wide variety of SPF ranges from minimal like the SPF 2 tanning oils to heavier coverage like SPF 70 found in many sports sunblocks.  Today you can purchase sunscreens that are offers broad-spectrum coverage, meaning it protects from both UVA and UVB Rays.

Do I need to reapply my Sunscreen?

YES!  Sunscreen, even at the higher end of the SPF range need to be reapplied.  No matter if you’re a lotion fan or spray fan, applying and reapplying sunscreen is the most effective way for this type of sun protection to work.  In a very basic sense, here’s how you can determine when to reapply (and no, it’s not when you’re feeling crispy).  According to my research, it takes approximatley 20 minutes for unprotected skin to begin to burn. Applying an SPF, let’s say of 15 will increase that time by a factor of 15 (20 x 15) that means that you’ll be “covered” for 300 minutes.  That may seem like a simple theory to “apply” (forgive me), but it’s not that simple.  Reapplication depends on many factors, including the wear of the sunscreen (like sweating, getting wet, etc.).  Don’t forget to factor in these considerations throughout the day and PACK your own sunscreen (don’t overpay in the parks).

Is Sunscreen the only option for sun protection?

Sunscreen is a good choice for sun protection, but there are lots of other ideas that you can use in combination with sunscreen to lather up on the benefits.  There are so many new technologies in protective clothing that have sun protecting qualities.  Look for clothing items created using a special sun protective textile called UPF (Ultraviolet Protective Factor).  You can find hats, pants, shirts, bathing suits, even accessories like gloves, scarves, and sunglasses.  Protect your whole body from the sun!

What to do if you experience the…BURN?

There are all sorts of remedies out there, but my favorite comes in the form of aloe with pain relief and ibuprofen!  Keeping hydrated and keeping your sore skin moisturized will help.  The best way to get over the burn from too much sun is to AVOID too much sun!  Lather up and keep your skin happy!


Where are the best places in the parks to apply and reapply?

Finding a spot that is out of the line of traffic to do a reapplication of SPF is crucial.  You don’t want to be over spraying onto unsuspecting families, stopping the flow of traffic, or creating a human blockade through some of the best attractions.  Look for spots that are off the beaten path (like the space outside of restrooms, park benches, etc.)  I love the bathroom are near Pirates of the Caribbean, the Tangled Restroom area, the restrooms near the Crossroads of the World at DHS, and the breezeways at Innoventions east and west in EPCOT, just to name a few.  No matter what location you chose, just be mindful of the other guests!

I hope these tips and suggestions will help you to enjoy your times under the sun in the Disney Parks this summer.  Take care of yourself!  It’s really brutal out there, make sure that you take into consideration these preventative tips and you’ll be a happy camper!  So now it’s time to turn before you burn and share out in the comment section below!   Tell us about your sunscreen nightmare.  Did you forget to apply, miss a spot, burn to a crisp, have a sunscreen explosion, or have to overpay in the parks?  Let’s laugh (I mean learn from your experience) about it together!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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