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    I agree with the comment about more parks. The sheer numbers of people attending is growing and providing more lodging is not going to alleviate that “problem”, but will exacerbate it. They have already raised prices numerous times to, in my opinion, control the numbers of guests through financial means.

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    Liked it much better when it was simple with just Ft. Wilderness, Polynesian & Contemporary. River Country was a perfect place to spend the day. The trams were fun also.

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    Love Disney World, but if theyre gonna keep building resorts they should start by building another new park first. The parks they have are already packed and it seems like they want to just keep pililng more people into the same parks. Not what Walt wouldve wanted.

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    Sherri Rasor Shafranski

    Theresa, absolutely correct! River Country was not on an island in the middle of Bay Lake!

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    We love our DVC. As Floridians, driving a few hours on Friday after work,DVC takes us to a new vacation every time we go because we try all the differentresorts

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    River country was not on the island. That was discovery island

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