Reason for Recent Disneyland Fire Revealed

Recently there was a fire at Disneyland in a backstage area between the Disneyland Firehouse and the Emporium gift shop. The fire was quickly extinguished by Disneyland’s fire department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue. We now know what the cause of the fire was.

A state agency that inspects amusement rides has concluded that the backstage fire that forced Disneyland to temporarily close Adventureland and caused isolated power outages in the park was caused by a construction generator.

“The fire was related to a generator supplying power to a building,” California Division of Occupational Safety and Health spokesperson Frank Polizzi said.

The fire burned an area of vegetation near the Jungle Cruise. Disneyland officials said no visitors or employees were injured by the fire and no buildings were damaged. Adventureland was temporarily closed after the fire but was available to guests the next morning at park opening.

Thank goodness no one was hurt and no severe damage was done!


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