Disney Ink and Paint Home Collection Adds A Splash of Color

The Disney Ink and Paint collection has been a colorful hit, and continues to grow! Now you can find the Ink and Paint Home Collection at Disneyland and also Walt Disney World! This collection features decorative items for the home and kitchen, that add a colorful splash of Disney magic.


One can never have enough magnets! You can choose from a fun magnet set, or a light-up magnet, or hey both! The set comes with three magnets that look like miniature Ink and Paint canvases. It also comes with a darling little easel to display them on too! The light-up magnet is an artist palette with Sorcerer Mickey. Each color swatch also has a sketch of a classic character within it too.

I’m really loving this set of four ceramic Ink and Paint jars. They are not only extra cute, but super versatile! You can use them in the kitchen to store things, or even as a vase to accent your home.

Kitchen Essentials

This ceramic tray can also be used for the kitchen, or as accent decor. It is shaped like an easel, with an assortment of paint daubs. Each little pain daub is also a Mickey shape, so cute!

The Ink and Paint bowl is absolutely darling! This is a large serving bowl that is red on the outside, but filled with gorgeous Ink and Paint images inside. I might already have this on my list of must haves for my newest fruit bowl!

Of course if we’re serving up delicious yummies in the bowl, we’ll need plates to put it on! You can also purchase square ceramic plates featuring the Ink and Paint style characters. Each set comes with four plates, and all four plates have a different character.

If you’re looking to whip up a colorful dish to serve, there are also two different Ink and Paint aprons to choose from! You can get an apron dripping with colorful splashes of paint, or also an apron featuring classic Disney animation characters.

I am very intrigued by the toothpick holder. It is a magnetic palette, that comes with smaller cups that magnetize to it. It looks like you can put as many or little of the cups on it as you please. I am sure you can put other things besides toothpicks in them as well.

You can finish off the look with colorful cloth napkins, and placemats of Cinderella Castle!

The Ink and Paint Home Collection is the latest in this new assortment inspired by classic Disney animation, and we are loving it! What do you hope to see next from this new merchandise collection?

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