Read Along With These Adorable Stories Featuring The Disney Princesses!

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It’s story time royal style with your favorite Disney Princesses! 

Are the little ones at home missing some Disney magic? Well what about some bedtime stories or just some nice reading during the day joined by their favorite Disney Princesses? 

Well you are in luck because the Disney Princess Youtube Channel has a cute playlist called “Disney Princess Read Alongs!” so you can read or just enjoy the narration of the stories featuring Ariel, Tiana, Belle, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Jasmine and Mulan! 

Take a look at all the adventures the Disney Princesses are going through with their friends here: 

Join Ariel on her first day babysitting Malvin the Octopus and their adventures in Atlantica in  Ariel Is My Babysitter!

Mulan has promised Cri-kee a bedtime story but when Mushu finds out about it, he asks if he could be the one telling a bedtime story. Would he be able to finish the story without getting too distracted? Find out in Mushu’s Tale!

Chip is sad because he is missing Field Day in the village since he is a cup, so when Mrs. Potts asks Belle if she could babysit Chip, she has the idea to create a Field Day for Chip and the other friends in the castle to cheer him up, check out their adventures in Belle Is My Babysitter! 

Bedtime For Gus tells the story of Gus’s first night at Cinderella’s house, where she and the other little mice teach him how to get ready for bedtime. 

In Jasmine Is My Babysitter, Jasmine offers to babysit King Abbud’s children so he and her dad can have a peaceful visit. When she starts to struggle to find something all the kids would enjoy she asks the Genie for help.

Pocahontas and Meeko are having a nice day relaxing on the river but when a big storm approaches they find themselves in a race to get home before the storm starts. Join them in their adventure with the read along Lost And Found.

Tiana Is My Babysitter tells the story of Tiana babysitting Naveen’s little brother Ralphie while he is busy giving his parents a tour around New Orleans. Tiana invites Lottie and her cousin Max for a fun play date but soon she finds out Max and Ralphie might not have too much in common, this leads to a fun adventure where Ralphie will find new things to explore! 

Credit: Disney Princess 

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