Rapunzel & Special Agent Oso Arrive in Target Stores

My wife and I were at Target earlier this week and as I always do I follow my little one around the toy department. With Droid phone in hand I always try to take pictures of the any new or interesting Disney Products. This week was a unexpected treat as I found 2 new Disney Consumer Products I wasn’t expecting to be out.

Rapunzel from Walt Disney Pictures “Tangled” was the first thing to catch my eye.

There were several types of Dolls available. All with different prices.

I looked around to see if I could see any Flynn dolls but there are none available yet. Also they seem to be selling, unless they didnt receive a full stock shipment there were room like they sold some. I couldnt find a store associate to ask but when I go back again in a week I will compare.

Next up we finally found some Special Agent Oso toys! Our little one loves Oso and watches it every chance she can.

All of Oso’s friends are here. I tried looking for a stuffed Oso bear but I was unsuccessful. Not sure if that is something they are going to release. Just thought it would a great idea since he is a stuffed animal. As you can see the prices were not bad for some really cool toys!

Here are all the pictures I took for your viewing pleasure. This was a Super Target with a big toy department so check your local store to see if they are arriving in your neck of the woods.

I hope you enjoyed this Disney Products Sneak Peak. Let me know what you think about these new Disney Toys in the comment section below.

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