Ralph Breaks The Internet Directors Think Disney Princess Spin-Off “Worth Exploring”

Ralph Breaks The Internet Directors Comment on Disney Princess Spin-Off

Ralph Breaks The Internet proved to be a successful sequel to the original 2012 hit Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph. The movie had a focus on satirizing the world wide web and more specifically, Disney’s offerings on the internet. This proved to be the perfect setting to combine their vast catalog of properties and characters for comedic effect. The standout scene for the film ended up being a team-up of the Disney Princesses, and now the directors of the film have commented on the possibility of a spin-off film.

Speaking recently with The A.V. Club, Ralph Breaks The Internet directors Rich Moore, and Phil Johnston commented on how the Disney Princess scene resonated with fans around the globe. It’s even seemed to have sparked talk of the possibility of a standalone film featuring the Princesses. “When you’re in Stockholm and they’re saying like, ‘Have you considered doing a movie just about the Princesses?’ I think it’s an idea worth exploring because everywhere we go, we hear that response. ‘Oh my God, I love the Princesses like that.” said Rich Moore.

While this sounds like a great start, there has been no official word from Disney on if a Princess team-up movie is in the works. Gauging by fan response to the Ralph Breaks The Internet scene though, it’s very likely that Disney already has the concept added to their list of film ideas. It could even be possible that if we do see an Avengers-style Princess property, it might be for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. We’ve already gotten word of a Disney Villains show in development, and a Disney Princess series or movie could easily find a suitable home on the platform. This is all speculation though, and we will be sure to bring you any news on a Disney Princess spin-off if it’s announced.

Source: The A.V. Club

Photo Credit: Disney

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