Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Pops Up at Saratoga Springs

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Pops Up at Saratoga Springs


The pumpkin pie cupcake has popped up at Walt Disney World’s Saratoga Springs Resort.  Head over to the Artist’s Palette at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort to celebrate Thanksgiving with this delicious new cupcake!

During my recent “runcation” with my friends, we stayed at Saratoga Springs.  There is no better way to a start a Disney World vacation than a Disney cupcake! My friends and I gobbled this cupcake right up.  It was SO yummy! This cupcake starts with pumpkin cake, and then they add even more pumpkin with the classic pumpkin pie filling.  What is pumpkin pie without a dollop of whip cream, right?! Beautiful “pillows” of spiced whip cream are placed on top with chocolate Mickey ears and crispy pearls that add a great crunch.  At $5.99 or one snack credit, I think I will buy a few of these this year instead of baking my own pumpkin pie!

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Pumpkin Mickey Cupcake is always a great way to start a vacation. #mickeyshapedfood #disneycupcakes #chipandco

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What is a better Thanksgiving dessert mashup than the classic pumpkin pie and a Disney cupcake?! Be sure to pop over to Saratoga Springs this November to treat your self.  Is pumpkin pie for family’s go-to Thanksgiving dessert? Post in the comments below.  Stay hungry Disney friends!



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