Plenty of Sand and Sunshine As Christmas Spirit Lacks in Florida

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Plenty of Sand and Sunshine As Christmas Spirit Lacks in Florida

Oh, Florida! What are we going to do with you? We’ve got to have a little talk. We aren’t sure why…maybe you’ve gotten ahold of bad eggnog. Maybe there’s a shortage of cookies and milk, or maybe you’re all just on the naughty list. No matter, coming in 48th in Christmas spirit (of all continental states) is unacceptable. We aren’t mad, just disappointed…and a bit perplexed. Maybe the metric is the problem…but something has to change!

According to GetCenturyLink, Florida ranked dead last in Christmas spirit. With only Alaska and Hawaii falling further off the list (we admit Alaska is equally surprising). Still don’t know what we are talking about? Well, GetCenturyLink recently conducted a survey in your area that measured your searches for Christmas movies and music, as well as topics related to Christmas such as gingerbread cookies. And of all continental United States, you came in last place.

Of course, we don’t really blame you. It’s hard to celebrate the holidays when you’re living in the most tropical state that the U.S. has to offer. We get it, but its Christmas! I mean, have you seen Walt Disney World at Christmas? Maybe you should! We can promise that’ll put you in the holiday spirit and hush some of the “Bah humbugs!”

With no snow, warm temperatures throughout the year, and beaches literally everywhere…sure, it’s probably difficult to get into the spirit. We can understand that, but much like a father scolding a son who brought home a bad grade, we expect more out of you!

In all seriousness, the metric utilized probably isn’t a solid measure of your Christmas spirit. How can we really judge that? One thing is absolutely certain, however, if you aren’t feeling it this year…go get a cup of hot chocolate, hang some lights, and turn on a nice Christmas flick. See if that helps! Because as you’re probably well aware, Santa’s sleigh runs on Christmas spirit, and we’re all counting on you to make sure our presents are delivered this year! So, let’s get it together you bunch of Grinches!

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