The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is located in Liberty Square. This is a Magic Kingdom classic-a must do on your touring plan.  Believe it or not, this attraction has been at the Magic Kingdom since opening day!  999 “happy haunts” await visitors to see who will become #1000!  Will it be you?  Probably not….most everyone makes it out of their “doom buggy” alive!  Since this is a “haunted” attraction, some things to keep in mind might be:

  • This is a dark ride, with lots of eerie noises.  It might be sort of scary for young children if they aren’t prepared.
  • When you enter the paintings room, try to walk in as far as possible, and to the right.  This will ensure that you will be one of the first ones out to enter a doom buggy.
  • Even though some of the attraction seems eerie, there isn’t anything gory or to be afraid of.  In fact, the rooms that you travel through actually have humorous scenes in them.
  • The Haunted Mansion ride will take about 7.5 minutes.  Be sure to exit and enter the doom buggy carefully.  The entry area has a floor that is constantly keeping things moving, and in comparison to some other attractions, it moves quickly.

Quick Tip:  Be on the lookout for Hidden Mickeys in the ballroom and and graveyard scenes.

This is a great attraction, a Disney classic! The Haunted Mansion is fun for the whole family.  But should you feel that young ones might be scared, it also offers Rider Switch as an option.

Overall, we give the Haunted Mansion an “A+”.

22 thoughts on “The Haunted Mansion

  1. My favorite ride in all of Disney World. It just can not be beat when it comes to theming. It may be too scary for young children or sensitive children so know your child.

  2. Even a child or adult that doesn’t like scary things will love this ride. It’s a little bit of spooky mixed with lots of Disney. Great for little kids and big kids.

  3. I went into this for the first time in 1982 (age 2 yrs 9 mo) and I can remember being scared of the beginning in the room, and them letting me out before it really started. However, my own daughter I took on it when she was 2 yrs 2 mo old and she loved it. It definitely has dark moments, but it really just depends on your child. Also, we were able to ride 2 adults and her all in one car. I love The Haunted Mansion, it is a must ride!

  4. This is definitely my favorite ride! It is so fun! Disney has done a great job of making this ride creepy but no too scary! Love it!

  5. Favorite and a must…I may be a grown adult but I play in the cemetery longer than most children, lol!

  6. Not sure what it is about this ride. But it’s one of my favorites and one I have to hit more than once!

  7. This is the best ride EVER!!! When in Disney I have to ride this at least twice. So much fun! I never get tired of it. So much to see!

  8. This is by far one of my FAVORITE rides at Disney!!!! Have to ride it at least twice depending on the wait time. Love the new interactive area.

  9. Before you spend too much effort looking for Donald Duck in the endless hallway, you should know that he isn’t there. The easy chair on the left, though, has a pattern that, with some imagination, looks a little like his head & hat.

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