Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates are almost as much a part of Disney as the princesses!  Pirates of the Caribbean is found in Adventureland, and is a Disney “must do”.  During a recent refurbishment, Pirates of the Caribbean now features Jack Sparrow toward the end of the ride-singing along and enjoying his pirate bounty!

  • Pirates of the Caribbean has an indoor queue, making it easy to wait for in the heat.  
  • The majority of the ride is dark, but it’s not scary.  Some young children may be slightly frightened, but there are so many fun things to look at that they may be easily distracted.
  • Be prepared for the 14 foot drop toward the beginning of the ride.  After this, you are sailing along the pirate village.
  • As you are riding along, you’ll enter the Pirate Grotto, The Fort, Town Square, Burning City, and the Dungeon.
  • You can be any height to ride, and the ride lasts about 8 minutes.

If you are riding with young children, have them look for the animals, funny pirates, and Captain Jack peeking out from time to time.  This is a Disney classic, and you’ll be singing “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates’ life for me” all day long!

Quick Tip:  Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Mr. Smee are often in this area for a meet and greet.  Be on the lookout for them!

Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.

2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Dead Man tells no tales…. lol.. LOVE IT!!! Yo ho, Yo ho a pirates life for me! An all time classic favorite and I love the new additions of Captn’ Jack Sparrow throughout the ride and it’s fun to spot him out. Another fav is looking up at one of the men sitting on the archway, drunk as a skunk and you can see how realistic the animatronics are with dirty feet and hairy legs! Haha.. too funny! Oh and for those of you who haven’t ridden it yet, you’ll like the exhilarating lil surprise at the start. 😉

  2. I have not ridden this yet, since the new boats were put in operation. I understand now, by reading the articles on this site that people are getting wet. Still worth it, its a great ride, very exciting especially for the little pirates, but some portions could be scary for smaller kids. Lots to look at, great scenery, and a must for our group.

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