Barnstormer-Starring the Great Goofini


Are you up for being part of Goofy’s newest adventure?  Do you want to participate in a “daredevil” act….that only Goofy could invent?  Then climb aboard the Barnstormer-Goofy’s stunt plane-and see what it’s like to be in a circus act.  The Barnstormer is the only child friendly roller coaster at Walt Disney World.  This ride lasts only 1.5 minutes, but you’ll surely be talking about it all day!

  • The ride is an easy roller coaster, making it great for children.
  • If you ride the Walt Disney World Railroad to Storybook Circus, you’ll see the Barnstormer as you exit the train.
  • This attraction is located in Storybook Circus.  Fastpasses for this attraction can be found close to Pete’s Silly Sideshow.  Fastpasses are a good idea, as the line for this attraction is lacking in shade and it gets very hot.
  • You must be 35 inches tall to ride the Barnstormer.

After riding, head to Pete’s Silly Sideshow where you might see Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Goofy in their circus get ups!  The maximum speed of this coaster is 25 mph, so keep in mind that children under three may not want to experience it.

Quick Tip:  If you are looking to get a good picture of the Barnstormer, stand near the stroller parking in Storybook Circus.  Also, you can get a great shot if you are in the Dumbo queue of the coaster cresting the first hill.

Overall, we give this attraction an “A+”.

27 thoughts on “Barnstormer-Starring the Great Goofini

  1. I think the ride is perfect for little kids as an introduction to roller coasters.. I liked it a lot. It did leave me wanting more. To short of a ride.. but it truly was a lot of fun! Oh BTW, you might want to hold on to your hats and glasses.. We saw a bunch of them on the ground under the tracks. 🙁 I feel bad for those folks that lost their items.

  2. This ride is quite short, but its still very fun for the little ones and wonderful primer for future roller coasters. I love the theme, its really a great ride.

  3. My 6 year old son wants to ride this ride over and over again. It is by far his favorite ride! I highly recommend for the 4-8 year old range. The whole family will enjoy it!

  4. Wonderful guide! The ride is so much fun. My boyfriend’s brother’s son rode the Barnstormer for the first time and his reaction to this little roller coaster was hilariously cute!

  5. My 3 year old daughter rode this for the first time in June and she LOVED it! Great tip about the picture from the Dumbo que. My husband did this and got an awesome shot of our daughter with her Nana (who she wanted to ride with) in the front row coming down the hill.

  6. Never been to Disney World and I am 29, would love to take my little guys before they get too old. The rides look like so much fun! Would love to win a gift card to help make my lil buddies dreams come true!!

  7. I cant wait to ride this again with my little boy! Last year when we were there it was closed so he has never ridden it!

  8. My son LOVES this ride! He was finally tall enough to go last year on his birthday. This year, he’s 40″ and I can’t wait to take him on even more rides!

  9. We rode this with my 2 year old! He loved it and so did we! It was so much fun and his first “coaster”

  10. I rode this with a 4 year old who had never been on a coaster and was afraid to go on it. He loved it!!!

  11. My three-year-old loves this! We rode five times in a row one morning during EMH and she couldn’t get enough!

  12. My daughter’s first roller coaster – she loved it, but was also so scared at the same time. We have video of her first ride and we crack up every time we watch it!

  13. My daughter loves this ride. She has moved on to the bigger rides, but still asks to start off and end with this one.

  14. My son loves this ride. It is the first coaster he’s ever ridden and he still talks about how much fun he had.

  15. My son loves this ride. It is the first coaster he’s ever ridden and he still talks about how much fun he had.

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