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Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is located in Tomorrowland, not far from Space Mountain.  In this four act show, the audience is transported through decades of American history.  You will experience inventions, how life has changed over time, and be reminded that there is a “great, big, beautiful tomorrow”!  This is nostalgic, Disney classic imagineering, and a learning experience all in one!

  • The Carousel of Progress normally operates during the busiest seasons at Walt Disney World.  Be sure to check the times guide to make sure it’s up and running.
  • As you are seated, you are “carouseled” to different scenes that showcase the same family over four generations.
  • Walt Disney created this attraction for the 1964 World’s Fair.
  • The ride lasts about 20 minutes, and the wait time is very minimal.
  • You may remain in your wheelchair or ECV for this show.
  • Combining the Carousel of Progress with a spin on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is a great way to rest from the heat and wait out a FastPass for Space Mountain.

If nothing else, you should experience the Carousel of Progress for its nostalgia and historical aspect.  If you want to see Walt Disney’s personal creativity, then this is the attraction for you!

Quick Tip:  You can sometimes find Buzz Lightyear just to the side of the Carousel of Progress.  

Overall, we give the Carousel of Progress an “A”.

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