The Great Movie Ride


The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride is located on  Hollywood Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios-just behind the Sorcerer’s Hat.   The  Great Movie Ride is a slow-moving vehicle ride through some of the film industries most classic films.  You will pass by almost 60 animatronic actors (including scenes from The Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain, and Casablanca to name a few).  Any movie fan will enjoy the Great Movie Ride-and it’s one that is overlooked, but shouldn’t be missed.

  •  Your film journey will take just over 20 minutes.  Your live tour guide will become part of the show in either a Gangster or Cowboy sequence and the “show” will end with an amazing film clip montage.
  • As you enter the queue area, take in the artifacts from some of the most famous movies.  The carousel horse of Mary Poppins, costumes from Narnia, and handprints of famous stars are just a few of the things you’ll enjoy seeing up close.
  • The ride vehicles hold about 60 people.  So although the queue may seem long, it boards a lot of people at once.
  • Some of the scenes may be dark and make sensitive guests feel uncomfortable.  The Indiana Jones scene has animatronic snakes, and the Alien scene can be a bit scary.
  • This attraction is wheelchair accessible, and there is no height requirement.

As you exit the theater, be on the look out for characters stationed outside for a meet and greet.  Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and others have been known to be in that area.

Quick Tip:  While waiting for a FastPass return time, visit The Great Movie Ride and also grab a snack.  You will be ready to board the FastPass attraction in no time!  

Overall, we give this attraction an “A”.

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The Great Movie Ride

Melissa has created Chip & Company’s ‘Guide to Walt Disney World’ as well as chronicling her Disney baking (and cooking) exploits In the Kitchen. She also writes original articles about her experiences visiting Walt Disney World and finding Disney magic in New York. Melissa is a World History teacher and a bookworm. Oh & you should probably know she believes in fairytales.  Come follow her photoblog Picturing Disney and visit her Facebook!


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3 thoughts on “The Great Movie Ride

  1. This was really enjoyable for our group, my favorite part is The Wizard of Oz. As the previous reviewer said, do keep your eyes open for the smaller details. Disney always has so much thought and detail put in to every single attraction, its nice to ride a couple times and see what maybe you have missed.

  2. For anyone who loves movies, the GMR is a must do. There is so much film history here, it’s hard not to fall in love with this attraction. Keep your eyes open for small details. The Imagineers had a great time adding some jokes throughout the ride.

  3. I haven’t been on this one in years. I’d love to ride it again soon, but I’m thinking the scary scenes might be too much for my kiddos.

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