Disney Junior – Live on Stage

Disney Junior - Live on Stage
Disney Junior at Hollywood Studios


Disney Junior-Live on Stage brings all your preschooler’s favorite TV characters to life!  This Hollywood Studios attraction is located in the Animation Courtyard, and is centered around the programming on Disney Junior.  Aimed at the preschool set, the show features puppets from their favorite shows.  There are stage performances for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,  Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

  • The show is 22 minutes long and you should arrive with plenty of time to get a good spot close to the stage.  The queue begins outside but the performance is inside.
  • There is no seating, guests watch from the carpeted floor.  There are a few benches along the wall for guests that are unable to sit on the floor.
  •  Once you are in the building for the performance, they will not let you sneak in or out.  So make sure your party is together.  In case of “emergency”, there is an obscure looking door to the right with restrooms and an exit.
  • As Disney Junior adds new characters to their programming, they also add or retire characters to the stage show.

This is a perfect way to get out of the heat and entertain your children at the same time.  The performances are entertaining for both kids and adults.  Keep your eyes open as bubbles, leaves and confetti may rain down on you.  You’ll love escaping the heat, resting your feet, while your little one watches his or her favorite characters right before their eyes!

Chip’s Tip:  After the show, there are character greeting spots with the Disney Junior characters.  Usually only two or three, so check the schedule to meet your favorite.

Overall we give this show an “A”.



5 thoughts on “Disney Junior – Live on Stage

  1. This show is too cute! The kids and parents will love it. Parents hang back around the perimeter of the room while the kiddies sit on the floor in the front of the stage. The show is always changing with new casts of characters from Disney Jr. I loved the bubbles finale of this show, parents were even acting like kids popping all of the bubbles!

  2. I am so excited that Sofia has been added to this! We will be there in November and seeing it will make my girls’ day!

  3. I know my youngest son will LOVE this and I can’t wait! How do you determine what grade each ride/attraction gets? Pirates of the Caribbean received a B, but this one an A and I don’t have anything to tell me what that even means other than the person who wrote this article really loves little kids stuff and perhaps the one who wrote the other one was upset little kids shouldn’t ride it? Also, when giving advice to arrive early for a good spot, perhaps you should give an indication as to how early. 5 mins? 20?

  4. My two year old son was so focused during this show…he loved it! Although the mom in front of us kept adjusting herself which would sometimes make the stage hard to see….if you can’t sit on the floor then I suggest being curteous to the children nearby and sit on the benches in the back! ; P

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