The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is a movie featuring Lion King alum Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa as they learn about taking care of the Earth and the ecosystems here.  It is located in The Land, on the second level.    While not wildly popular it fits in well in The Land and is informative and interesting if you have the time to stop and sit for a bit.

  •  Don’t worry about not making it in.  This is probably the least popular attraction in The Land. Just be aware of times because it is just over 12 minutes so you could find yourself sitting and waiting for the duration if you miss the show.
  • You could wait out a FastPass for Soarin’ at The Circle of Life, and grab something to eat at Sunshine Seasons quick service location here.
  • Young children will enjoy the friendly characters from The Lion King while you know they are learning something about being kind to the Earth. 

Even though this isn’t the most thrilling, or popular, attraction at EPCOT, it might still be worth a visit.  Waiting out a FastPass for Soarin’, or waiting for your reservation at Garden Grill could be easier if you visit Circle of Life.  Disney is all about educating people, with a magical twist.  This attraction does just that!

Quick Tip:  As you enter The Land, you are already on the second floor.  Just take the walkway around to get to Circle of Life.  

Overall, we give this attraction a “B”.

The Circle of Life



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  1. This is a great place to stop for a rest or to feed a hungry baby. And The Lion King characters are some of our favorites!

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