Soarin’ is a wildly popular and wildly fun attraction that came to Epcot from Disney’s California Adventure (where it is fittingly called “Soarin’ Over California”).  You board a seated glider in this aviating adventure over the sights and sounds of some of California’s most beautiful and most memorable landmarks.  You will find yourself swept up in the wonder of it all.   I can’t imagine anyone stepping off of this ride and not wanting to hop right back on again!

  •  Hit it first in the morning and you should be able to Fast Pass as well as hop on once with a minimum wait.  The Fast Passes often sell out for this ride and I have seen the line over 100 minutes long in busy seasons!
  • Soarin’  does utilize FastPass and Rider Switch.  If you need to wait out either of those options, you can visit the Circle of Life, Seas with Nemo and Friends, or Imagination with Figment.  Another option would be to grab something to eat at Sunshine Seasons.
  • The entire queue for Soarin’ is located indoors.  Therefore, if you have a long wait, you’ll be out of the heat.
  • Soarin‘ utilizes sensory details as well.  If you are sensitive to smells, you may want to be prepared for the luscious scent of oranges as you fly over the California orange groves!
  • Even if you are prone to motion sickness, you may still want to experience Soarin’.  Maybe take some motion sickness medication to ensure you will enjoy Soarin’ at its fullest.  The ride is very gentle.

Soarin’ is a “must do” and is a wildly popular attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.  You won’t want to miss it!  It may be a great attraction to enjoy several times if possible.  The sweeping winds, fragrant oranges, and fantastic fireworks display “live” from Disneyland will make this one of your favorites!

Quick Tip:  Consider visiting Soarin‘ first thing in the morning, or during Illuminations.  These could prove to be less wait times.  

Overall, we give Soarin’ an “A+”.





19 thoughts on “Soarin’

  1. Need some updating and cleaning up of the film. Otherwise, a gentle and amazing attraction that is great for all ages (as long as they meet the height requirements)! Get here at rope drop or have a Fastpass. Lines get LONG quickly and stay that way throughout the day.

  2. The sights, the sounds, the smells! Soarin’ is THE best ride at Epcot, in my opinion. Absolute favorite. I was a little scared to allow my daughter to ride it at age 3, but was happy to see that there is a between the leg tether to attach to the harness, made me feel 100 times better. Disney is all about safety. I could ride this over and over and never get tired of it.

  3. Can’t wait until they upgrade/update the video in this attraction. If the rumors are correct, we should be seeing vistas from around the world!!!

  4. One of my favorite rides! I just read that by 2016 they will change the video for all parks. Excited to see this new video taking us around the world.

  5. Our family LOVES Soarin! Since we have to do rider swap for this one, my three-year-old gets to ride twice…which she loves!!

  6. This is one ride that’s worth the wait – although try for a fast pass. We also got on line just a few minute before 9pm and they said the wait was 90 minutes….it was really about 20 – so sometimes (not always) their wait estimates were off. This is a DON’T MISS ride for sure!

  7. This is our favorite ride! We always head straight to the Land Pavillion upon entering Epcot so we can get a Fastpass. Then we enjoy the Living with the Land Ride and other attractions in the area until our Fastpass time is available. Wouldn’t want to miss this! But also wouldn’t want to wait in line for over an hour!

  8. I’m looking forward to trying this one in October.  I’m excited to see the looks on my sons’ faces when we get off the ground!

  9. I’m looking forward to trying this one in October.  I’m excited to see the looks on my sons’ faces when we get off the ground!

  10.  This is our families favorite ride, we can all ride together.  We try to ride it atleast twice each trip.  Be sure to get a fastpass early!

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