Living with the Land

Mickey Pumpkins
Mickey Pumpkins at Living with the Land Ride

Living with the Land

This Epcot ride can be found in Future World at the Land Pavillion.  Go to the Lower Level near the Soarin’ and Sunshine Seasons Food Court.  This family friendly ride is a boat tour behind the scenes Greenhouse tour of Disney’s innovative, agricultural advances.  It begins with a dark video tour of a tropical rainforest, desert region and the American plains.  You are then moved into the laboratory portion of the ride where you will find the following:

  • The Tropical Greenhouse-Crops like rice, sugare cane, peanuts, and others are grown in the 60 ft dome greenhouse.
  • AquacellAll about Fish-farming featuring tilapia, shrimp and more fish species.  Most are served at the Coral Reef Restaurant in the Seas Pavilion.
  • Desert GreenhouseFeaturing crops grown in temperate climates.  Here is where you will find a nine-pound lemon!
  • String Greenhouse-Here you will learn about vertical growing techniques.  Tomatoes, Gourds and Eggplants are grown in trellises.  Most exciting for kids (and kids at heart) are the cucumbers and pumpkins grown in the famous Mickey shape.  The Land Pavillion’s Garden Grill and Sunshine Seasons benefit from the food grown here.
  • Creative GreenhouseVarious lettuces and herbs are grown using Aeroponics.  Their roots exposed to air and a fine water mist to promote growth.

The ride is about 14 minutes long and is appropriate for all ages.  There is no height restriction and is wheelchair accessible. The Disney FASTPASS option is available, however the ride wait is usually minimal.

This ride is for all ages and each person will find something that fascinates them.  For the little ones the Mickey Pumpkins are a treat.  Adults will appreciate all the ways Disney is working to improve crop growth and sustainability.  Not to mention it’s pretty fun to see all the food growing out of their “normal” element.   It’s a nice, cool way to take a break on a hot summer day.

Quick Tip:   After the ride head over to Sunshine Seasons for lunch, dinner or a snack.  Their food is fantastic and much of it is supplied by the Greenhouses.

Overall this ride is a “B+”.


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2 thoughts on “Living with the Land

  1. I enjoy this ride.. I love to see how the famous Disney topiaries take shape and how all the fruits and veggies from WDW are grown. Almost all the fruits and veggies grown in Living with the Land is used in some of our favorite dishes at the restaurants throughout WDW. All organically grown with no pesticides.. It’s great.. It’s a real good, educational ride that I think the whole family will really enjoy.

  2. This is one of my favorite attractions at Epcot. It is very educational, but also entertaining. Its really neat to see how WDW grows foods using different techniques, also how much our culture has changed over the decades. Very nice and calm scenery. My kids love it at various stages of their lives so I would not say its an adult ride. I cannot wait to eat at Garden Grill next time, because you get to see scenes from the ride as you eat.

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